James van der Memes

January 14, 2011

In association with funny or die http://www.jamesvandermemes.com/ provides animated gifs for your pleasure and emoticon needs. Love it!


Vintage at Goodwood

August 18, 2010

Spent the past few days making Tanqueray cocktails at Vintage. Here’s my family album from the event

more pics after the break

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BP moving into Photoshopping?

July 21, 2010

So it turns out that BP are doctoring their PR images? So what – who doesn’t? Do people really think that the girls and guys on the covers of every magazine wake up looking like what appears in print? The only anti-ageing cream worth investing in is the Adobe brand (it comes in a blue a blue box).



Lets not get worked up over this – but I predict a new meme coming – or at least a new photoshop phriday post

BP oil spill graphic

June 5, 2010


A great little tool to help you visualise the extent of the BP oil spill – yikes!

99 Hanover Street Cocktail Menu

June 1, 2010

The 99 Hanover Street menus have been out for a wee while now, but the Fringe Programme has been gobbling up all my time – Anyway, better late than never here’s a few pictures of it in situ along with the labels for the food menu that never was… More after the break

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Johnnie Walker Gobo

March 28, 2010

Thought of this ages ago during the Johnnie Walker bottling plant closure. Anyway here it is in all its striding glory. I had to adjust a few parts of the logo to get them sitting on green … but it still looks like a Johnnie Walker logo* …

With 40,000** gobos Diageo would have a nationwide guerilla ad campaign promoting walking home after drinking instead of driving. And that’s how I’ll sell it to them!

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Another year, another Fringe…

March 16, 2010

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is gearing up again! 126 ads booked so far and the ad booking deadline is on Friday! Bets on 370 ads are paying out evens!

Programme redesign is going well too. I don’t think I’m allowed to put up any screen grabs yet… Next week should be ok…

Old Work, Newly Discovered

February 24, 2010

A wee animated gif for the Scotsman website. As part of the contra deal between the Fringe and the newspaper I had to design them adverts!? I’m quite fond of it considering I had twenty minutes to come up with something.

RTD of the Future

February 1, 2010

**Updated artwork** This was going to go on a cocktail menu – but red bull weren’t fussed with having their logo messed around with on the thing. All they care about is having a cocktail called Vodka & Red Bull listed…

Today I invented a new drink. In comes in one size only – beer can size – and contains two cans of Red Bull and 4 shots of Jager. I’m going to call it JagerRedBullmeister/Bullmeister/Jagerbull/BagerReister. It should retail at about £12 a can. Read the rest of this entry »

Home Taping Is Killing Music

February 1, 2010